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Truth be told I didn’t know there are only 70 known pitchers who dedicated their career, their reputation and their… https://t.co/OTBgLuBeyp

@jeffhollan Best use of Zoom I’ve ever read.

New member special, free personal training, small group classes. $40.00 is all it takes to learn how to kickbox!… https://t.co/tmaJT9QQ6P

@FedEx, @FedExHelp - What is up with your Tacoma WA station? The past MONTH has been very painful, everything is 3-… https://t.co/9AcqTccWwG

mwerstine - Hopefully @Enterprise will step up instead of sucking at customer service. Good luck!

@Enterprise Car Rental strands our friend and family of 7 on vacation. Please share! https://t.co/KljifRsTdw @Enterprise Please fix this.

@jeffhollan Congratulations

For many Seattle-area small businesses, coronavirus aid comes with major risks https://t.co/dOFluE5akx via @seattletimes

Here is your chance to meet Joshua "The Rainmaker" and follow-up through his 5-minute **Make It Rain** workout. Do… https://t.co/InKKZeCcbJ
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