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A great customer experience begins with a smile

The Power of a Smile

It was a cold, dark January morning. The clock on my truck read 5:32am as I pulled out of my garage for a business meeting over to Portland. Two tons of steel was protecting me from the outside elements, yet I shivered as the ice mist hit my windshield.

My brain needed a jolt, so I headed over to Dutch Brothers Coffee, pulled up to the window, and was greeted with a big smile - “Good morning, what can I make for you this beautiful morning?” I’m charmed by her positive, friendly outlook. The combination of the friendly service and fresh roasted coffee resulted in a great way to start my day.

Dutch Bros. CoffeeCan a smile change where you do business? As I drove to Portland I reflected on my own experiences and thought about where I spent my money.

Magazines like Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Small Business have been writing articles covering great customer service for years. I love the legendary story of the Nordstrom clerk who accepted a return of automobile tires from a customer, even though Nordstrom doesn’t sell tires. However, most businesses simply can’t relate to that tale, and never focus on what they can do to improve repeat business. Can it be as simple as a smile?

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