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Morgan - A great dog's five rules to live by.


For my friends, family, neighbors and care providers (trainers, vets, groomers, etc..) who came in contact with Morgan, my hope is you'll join me in remembering her for the great dog she was.

She was born on 12/31/2002, though our paths would not cross for another six years (1/3/2009) when I stumbled on her at the Bend, Oregon, Humane Society. I was planning on adopting a 1-year old, chocolate lab/boxer mix that day, but God had a different plan. Morgan laid curled up in the back corner of her kennel, with an expression that screamed, “I don't belong here.” Unlike the other 80+ dogs barking and jumping up on the mesh fence as people walked by, Morgan just glanced up at me and gave me one tail wag. As I read her intake form, I learned she was six years old, had never been socialized around people or animals. No formal training, in fact she didn’t know how to sit on command, or fetch, and trusted no one. The reason she was there was because her previous owner couldn't afford to care for her any longer.

Here is the very first video I captured of Morgan when we brought her home. Mike Kathriner was visiting and nailed the fact Morgan hated cameras and as you'll see in many of the photos, she often looked away.

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