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Alexa and I - 90 days and loving it. New tricks I hope the Amazon Echo will learn in the future.


Amazon Echo - The first 90 days.

I jumped on Amazon's offer to purchase their Echo when I first heard about it.  Alexa, as she was named by Jeff Bezos's team, arrived on February 3rd, 2015. 

I've read a couple of reviews and am happy to share my perspective, however I thought it would also to be fun to talk about some of the things I hope Alexa will learn to do in the future - so I'll discuss both and hope you'll use the comment section below to ask questions and add your own observations.

Review & learning to talk to Alexa

I thought it was incredibly easy to unpack and get set up.  I was talking to Alexa in less than five minutes.  I decided to take her to the office where she would see more consistent use, and even moving her to the company WiFi was painless.  I've got to hand it to the Amazon team, connecting my TVs and DVRs to my home Wi-Fi were much more difficult.  The companion Amazon Echo iOS app I use makes navigating the Amazon Echo pretty darn easy.

I immediately started my conversation with Alexa, things like:

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