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A Twitter Guide for CEOs and Business Owners

Twitter for business owners, explained.

Admittedly, Twitter is an application that most business people never get. You need to live in Twitter and study how other people are using Twitter successfully to connect with existing customers while finding new sales prospects. My goal in this blog post is to highlight how I think businesses should be using Twitter. I also plan to give you some examples of how businesses in different sectors should be taking advantage of Twitter.

First, if you own a business and you’re new to Twitter or still, just don’t “get it” let me give you a quick overview. Twitter is a micro-blogging application designed to send updates or notices to a group of followers. The founders picked 140 characters because that was the limit on most SMS phones for text messaging. The application quickly found a home beyond cell phones where 140 characters could have easily been expanded. However, something interesting happened by accident, the 140 characters made people “get to the point” by using their 140 characters wisely.

If you own a small business owner and wonder how many people in your local area are potential customers, check out a site called LocalTweeps (http://bit.ly/6Sl16o) and do a search by zip code. LocalTweeps' audience is less than 1% of the people in your area using Twitter, but it’s a good place to find people in your area that have established followers. You should add your Twitter account to their free directory while you’re on the site.

Why businesses should use Twitter.

For the purpose of this blog post, I’m only going to focus on two reasons you should create an active Twitter social media program. Obviously, there are more, but let’s stay focused on these two: 

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